Low poly Nissan GTR

I wanted to give this Nissan a graphic look so I did it with as few faces as possible.

Conqueror game

Conqueror is a game that I made as an individual practice job while studying at the Kauhajoki Vocational School. At first my intention was to do a reverse tower defense game. But along the way, the game turned into battles between houses.

Video clip

My first public game in Play store

My first game now on the Play Store, you can find it typing “weazelgamez” in playstore search. I made this game because I wanted to learn how the whole process goes from idea to game release.

Video clip

Gul’dan style orc

In this sculpted model i have taken influence from the World of Warcraft character named Gul’dan. There were many difficult stages in the project, including texture painting, beard modeling and material nodes. But in the end I’m quite satisfied with the outcome.

Short horror clip made with Blender 3D

A small modeling sample of a scary lego horror clip. The modeling of this work was nice straight-line due to the shape of the legos. I wanted to add a “stunning voice acting sounds” to the clip afterwards (with some help).

Video clip

Landscape of a small village

3D modeling project from a small village. Inspired by the style of the Fable game series which modeling is really impressive.

Kauhajoki Food Fair game

Thesis game for the Kauhajoki Food Fair. The game was made with two of my classmates. My job included programming, modeling and assembling the game. There are several mini-games in the game that’s why making the game was really versatile and fun.

Video clip